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New email addresses for trading with Barlow Tyrie

We are changing our email addresses to improve our communication and help us respond to you more quickly.  Please send your emails to one of the following addresses as appropriate and not to any other address.

Our Sales      UK & Europe:           US:       
Use for your emails concerning availability, quotations, orders, delivery, etc.  Using your email “Reply” to emails from us will help by including your initial Enquiry/Order number.
Our Purchases     UK & Europe:     US:       
Use to email us your order acknowledgements, invoices and any order queries.  It will help if you include in the subject our PO# in <>, e.g., <12345>.  We pay by bank transfer so please ensure we have your bank routing and account numbers.
Our Accounts      UK & Europe:    US:
Use to email us your account statements, remittance advice and any sales or purchase ledger queries.

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