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Barlow Tyrie Launches New Website With New Planner Tool

Barlow Tyrie Launches New Website With New Planner Tool image

Barlow Tyrie has launched a new website with innovative features to improve the user experience. The URL remains

New Planner Tool

The Barlow Tyrie Planner has been designed to be intuitive and help users quickly choose and design their furniture layouts from our collections.  Help documentation is available by clicking on the Help button on the bottom right. Users can define the shape and dimensions of their outside area and then experiment with the selection and arrangement of furniture, choosing from available colour and fabric options. Designs can be viewed as two-dimensional plans or three-dimensional renderings.  A detailed product list from the completed design can be saved or printed, or a link to the design can be emailed to a friend or supplier for viewing. Users can transfer to the new Barlow Tyrie Planner at any point from the main menu or an individual product. 


The Wishlist replaces ‘Saved products’ on our previous website.  As a user is browsing, they can add products to their Wishlist and at any point, click on the Wishlist icon in the top right of the screen to view their wish list with retail prices and edit quantities.  The Wishlist can be downloaded, emailed and also transferred to the Wishlist in the Planner tool.


From the home page, a user can select their region, displaying relevant information for that region: e.g. pricing for the UK and US-only products. 

Collection Filters

Collection filters are visible at the top of the collection page for a more logical user experience.

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