Guidelines for Dealers

Barlow Tyrie creates much of its own marketing communication assets such as photography, video, catalogues, advertising and copywriting. With this in mind please carefully read the guide below on how to use Barlow Tyrie media to promote products via your own channels.

NB: Barlow Tyrie reserves full intellectual property rights on all images provided. Any images used for promotional and advertising purposes must always be clearly attributed to Barlow Tyrie.


  • Social media – Ensure image sits along side a hashtag and handle pointing towards Barlow Tyrie e.g. @BarlowTyrie, #BarlowTyrie
  • Photography – Do not alter, adjust or modify any Barlow Tyrie images in your own channels. However, some cropping is acceptable to fit images into your website template as long as Barlow Tyrie product continues to be clearly visible
  • Social media / Advertorials / PR – Do not use Barlow Tyrie images against any competitor brand as a way to promote competitor brand/s
  • Logo – Barlow Tyrie will supply a logo at the beginning of each year and as a condition of licensing for that image to display this logo in a prominent position on your website unaltered.
  • Video – Do not edit, alter or manipulate any Barlow Tyrie video without prior permission
  • Video for PR / Advertorials / Social media – When using Barlow Tyrie video to promote products via your own channels, ensure to attribute the video directly to Barlow Tyrie products
  • Website – Ensure you always have clear back links to Barlow Tyrie from your website on Barlow Tyrie product pages. This ensures improved domain authority for both you, our dealer and Barlow Tyrie.

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