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Ascot Dining Side Chair - Folding


Ascot Dining Side Chair - Folding

This folding side chair has a solid brass locking mechanism. There is a matching armchair and footrest available in the range. The chair comes fully assembled and can be used with or without a cushion.


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1ASAscot Dining Side Chair - Folding
1ASCAscot Carver Dining Chair - Folding

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Ascot Dining Side Chair - Folding

ascot dining side chair
Product Code1AS
Width48cm - 18 78"
Height95.1cm - 37 12"
Depth61.5cm - 24 14"
Seat Height42.8cm - 16 78"
Weight7Kg - 15Lbs


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Ascot Dining Side Chair - Folding

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Ascot Dining Side Chair