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chair cover

Our furniture covers and storage bags are made using WeatherMAX-LTTM, a modified high UV resistant polyester fabric offering superior strength and durability with long-term colour retention. This fabric is the industry’s most balanced and cost-effective fabric available for outdoor applications requiring higher water repellence and excellent breathability. The perfect choice for outdoor furniture covers and storage bags where lightweight and ease of storage offer an advantage.

A unique fastening ensures a secure fit. These covers are easy to put on, remove and can be stored in their own pouch when not required. When covering the Dune day bed and ottoman please ensure that the ottoman and cushion are placed on top of the base cushion before covering.

Please note: Covers for standard dining groups are designed to cover the furniture with the chairs not under the table.

cover on lounger cover for Dune daybed

Please note: Covers for standard dining groups are designed to cover the furniture with
the chairs not under the table.

for use with these products
400101 Armchair   601361
400102 2 Seater Sofa Set   601364 + 601365
400103 3 Seater Sofa Set   601364 + 601367 + 601365
400104 Large Ottoman   601360
400118  End Table   601662
400147  Large Coffee Table   601661
400130 Small Coffee Table or Ottoman   601660
Avon Deep Seating & Coffee Tables    
410601 Armchair & Swivel Rocker   1AVDA, 1AVSR
410603 Sofa   1AVD3
410604 Ottoman   1AVDO
410605 Square Coffee Table   2AVL06
410606 Rectangular Coffee Table   2AVL13
400700 Daybed & Ottoman   602700, 602750
Kirar Collection    
411001 Armchair   606351, 606361
411003 Sofa   606353, 606363
Tête à Tête
  606700, 606750
411005 Ottoman   606350, 606360
411006 Round Coffee Table   606650, 606660
411007 Rectangular Coffee Table   606651, 606661
High Back Deep Seating    
400721 Armchair   1ADA, 1HADA, 1MIA, 603351
400722 2 Seater Sofa   603352
400723 3 Seater Sofa   603353
410901 Armchair   1LIDA
410902 2 Seater Sofa   1LID2
410903 3 Seater Sofa   1LID3
410904 Square Coffee Table 70   2LIL07
410905 Square Side Table 70   2LIS07
410906 Small Rectangular Coffee Table 120   2LIL12
410907 Large Rectangular Coffee Table 150   2LIL15
410908 Ottoman   2LIDO
Mercury Deep Seating    
410801 Armchair   1MEDAC
410802 2 Seater Sofa   1MED2
410803 3 Seater Sofa    
410804 Ottoman   1MEDO
410805 Middle & Corner   1MEDM, 1MEDC
410806 Low Coffee Table   2ME07.700
Standard Deep Seating    
400741 Armchair   1EQDA
400742 2 Seater Sofa   1EQD2, 1HADML + 1HADMR
400743 3 Seater Sofa   1EQD3, 1HADML + 1HADMM + 1HADMR
Standard Dining Group    
400751 90 cm to 120cm Table & 4 Chairs   2AR09, 2AU09, 2BA11, 2BA13, 2EQ09, 2EQ10, 2EQC10, 2MEC12, 2QU10, 603522
400752 100cm Circular High Dining & 4 Chairs   2EQCH10
400753 150cm Circular Dining & 6 Chairs   2DR15, 2EQ15, 2EQC15, 2EQC15S, 2EQC15, 2HOC15, 2WIC15, 603524, 606524, 606534
400754 180cm Circular Table & 8 Chairs   2EQ18, 2HOC18, 603324, 2DR18, 2EQC18, 2EQC185
400765 150cm Rectangular Table & 6 Chairs   2AU15, 2AR13, 2ME15T, 2MO15, 2WI15, 2EQ15, 2EQX23 (closed)
400766 200cm Rectangular Table & 8 Chairs   2AR18, 2ARX28 (closed), 2AU20, 2EQ20, 2CP20, 2EQ20, 2EQ22, 2ME22, 2QU20, 2ST20, 603565
400767 320cm Rectangular Table & 10 Chairs   2CP28, 2STX32 (closed)
400768 Extending Table & 14 chairs   2APX39 (open), 2EQX36 (open)
Dining Table with no chairs    
400769 Titan 240cm Table   2TI24
400775 Equinox Extending Table (open)   2EQX36 (open)
400777 Equinox Extending Table (closed)   2EQX36 (closed)
400771 300cm Tables   2TI30, 2MT30, 2EQ30
Sun Lounger    
400731 Large   1MOL, 603470, can also be used for stacked 1AUL (up to 3), 1EQL (up to 4) & 1QUL (up to 4)
400733 Standard   1AUL, 1CAB, 1CAS, 1CAU, 1EQL (up to 2), 1HOL, 1QUL (up to 2)
Conversation/Coffee Tables    
400781 Circular Conversation Table   2EQCC10
400782 Square Conversation Table   2EQSC10, 2HASC10
400783 Small Rectangular Coffee Table   2CPS06, 2EQL10, 2MOL, 2MOL10
400784 Large Rectangular Coffee Table   2CPL12
400770 Serving Table & Trolley   2EQS, 2CR, 2MES
400774 Refreshment Chest   3RE
400772 Small Storage Chest   3SC11
400773 Large Storage Chest   3SC15
WeathermaxTM Storage Bags for Cushions:   strong and zippered.
400810 2 x Lounger Cushions   Eg. 800006, 800044, 800051, 800062, 800083
400824 4 x Arm or Dining Chair Cushions   Eg. 800001, 800004, 800005
400828 8 x Arm or Dining Chair Cushions   Eg. 800001, 800004, 800005

Our covers and storage bags are designed to provide maximum weather protection with optimal “breathability.” Failure to follow this guide may result in the voiding of your warranty.

Please note: Covers for standard dining groups are designed to cover the furniture with the chairs not under the table.

Proper Care For Your Cover

The life of the covers and storage bags depend a great deal on the way they are used. Even the most durable materials require a certain amount of care, and these are no exception. Following these suggestions and tips can preserve the life of a cover or storage bag.

Be careful not to drag your cover or storage bag across any abrasive surfaces, such as cement, or over sharp corners when installing or removing. If the cover is not appropriately fitted, standing water may accumulate on the cover which will weaken the fabric. Support the storage bag underneath when lifting with cushions.

Helpful Hints

If the furniture pieces has any sharp corners or edges, place foam rubber on the sharp edge to reduce risk of puncture or abrasion of the covers.

For table and chair combinations, placing an object, such as a beach ball, under the centre of the cover can help with water drainage.

Cleaning And Storing Your Covers and Storage Bags

The fabric can be hand washed or laundered with a front loading washing machine. Wash in cold water and line dry. DO NOT PLACE IN DRYER. High heat can destroy the fabric (Do Not Dry Clean). You can also spot wash with a soft cloth and mild bleach. Do not use an abrasive cleaner or cloth.

It is important to keep your cover and storage bags clean. This is the best protection against mildew. Your cover is made from material that will not promote the formation of mildew. However, mildew can grow on accumulated dirt and foreign material that collects on the cover. Keep your cover away from trees, shrubbery, vines, etc, as they contain acids that may deteriorate or stain your cover.

Always store your covers and storage bags dry. Folding the cover wet can promote mildew growth that can degrade the fabric. Air dry before folding.

Limited Warranty

Barlow Tyrie covers and storage bags are warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The warranty protects your covers and storage bags against damage when used under normal residental conditions and does not cover damage from commercial use, acts of God, vandalism, neglect, misuse, Racoons or improper use such as wind whippage. This warranty is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied, and under no circumstances shall we be liable for any damages in excess of the cover’s or bag’s original purchase price. Should any trouble occur during the warranty period, please contact Customer Service.