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Horizon Armchair with Teak Seat


Horizon Armchair with Teak Seat

These chairs can be stacked if required. Also there is a cushion available that will cover the seat and back rest for added comfort.


products illustrated
1HOAS.THorizon Armchair with Teak Seat
2APX39Apex Extending Table 390

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Horizon Armchair with Teak Seat

horizon armchair with teak seat
Product Code1HOAS.T
Width58.2cm - 22 78"
Height89.8cm - 35 38"
Depth56.3cm - 22 18"
Arm Height66cm - 26"
Seat Height44.5cm - 17 12"
Weight7.5Kg - 17Lbs
Stacksmax 4


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Horizon Armchair with Teak Seat

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Horizon Armchair With Teak Seat