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Sail Sunshade 3m x 4m


Sail Sunshade 3m x 4m

A sunshade that is easily extendable by one person and ideal for large dining or seating arrangements.

Freestanding or ground fixing bases are needed for this product (order separately).

One or two side curtains may be added for additinal shelter from the sun or wind.


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4SAS40Sail Sunshade 3m x 4m


Sail Sunshade 3m x 4m

sail sunshade 3m x 4m
Product Code4SAS40
Length400cm - 157"
Width300cm - 118"
Weight114kg - 251lbs
Thickness78mm - 3"
Assembly Required
Assembly Instructions


Sunbrella® Fabric
All dimensions are approximate.
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Sail Sunshade 3m x 4m

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Sail Sunshade 3m X 4m